Summer Sleeping Bag - White Collection

Give your baby the gift of restful sleep with the softness and breathability of bamboo, and the safety of a sleeping bag. Approx 1 tog

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$US 56.00

The perfect sleep accessory for your green baby. Experts agree that the safest sleep for a baby is in a properly worn sleeping bag.  Your baby will absolutely love our best-selling sleeping bags for their cashmere-soft feel.

Zipper fastener and zipper protector for easy and safe on-off and night-time changing. 

Adjustable shoulder straps to grow with your baby.  Additional snap-button at the arm for a snugger fit for smaller babies.

Approximately 1 tog for those warmer nights. See Help/FAQ section for more information on recommended sleep temperatures and what to wear under a sleeping bag.

Made of soft double-knit jersey. 70% organic bamboo 30% organic cotton

Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, hang or tumble dry, do not bleach, do not use fabric softener